~Bride of the Week Mrs.Stacey Mauceri~

~Bride of the Week Mrs.Stacey Mauceri~

Stacey Mauceri is the perfect example of letting your bridesmaids wear what they want without making it a disaster. There are different ways to make this happen, however in this case the Bride used same color and same fabric. To make your life a bit easier is best to choose one designer. This way all dresses match in color and remember ladies, not all colors are the same. Colors in fabric can very in tones and make sure to order at the same time to avoid different variations of the same color.

Stacey’s Bridesmaids choose dresses made for their body type, which made them look gorgeous and not awkward. Yes, the wedding day is all about the bride but the bride doesn’t also want the wrong attention to the bridesmaid because of their distracting dress. Luckily we can all agree Stacey’s bridesmaids complemented her in every way making Stacey the luckiest bride.

Styles worn by Bridesmaids
SB2216, BB1085, BB1074, BB1063, BB1048, BB1003


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