~The Perfect Heel For Your Wedding Day~

~The Perfect Heel For Your Wedding Day~

Shopping for the perfect heel for your wedding day can either drive you nuts or it can be the easiest thing on your list. The best thing you can do is to try them on. Walk back and forth with them and imagine yourself walking down the isle with them. You will know at that moment if you found “your bridal shoe”. Yes, perhaps its that pair of shoes you will only wear once but don’t be afraid to pay a little extra for comfort. Remember brides sometimes saving money can be harmful for your feet, which can make a bride very cranky. As for the economical bride chances are you will find those perfect high heels that you can also have use for after your wedding day. But you found the perfect shoes and they are not so comfortable. At this point brides all we can say is “Pain Is Beauty”. Have flats for back up if you need to because nobody wants a barefoot bride unless you are at the beach of course or your wedding theme encourages it but that’s a whole different blog.

By wearing a stunning pair of high heels, your options in dresses are endless. You can go from ball gown like style B3113 to a more fitted look like style 4212. Style B3113 is ideal for a high heel stiletto shoe. It can be hidden yet everyone will see your shoes when you pick up the soft tulle of you dreamy ball gown. However, if you want something more simple style 4212 will do the trick, its simple and where it needs to be and dramatic where it should be. Your stiletto high heels are the perfect accessory for this gown.

If your style is more Hollywood glam but leaning more to lace, styles 4179 and B3136 are meant for you and your high heel stiletto shoes. Style 4179 has the lace detail with the right amount of sparkle that will look perfect with any type of stiletto. As for style B3136, this gown exudes glam with the right amount of sparkle in swarovski crystal with its detachable belt. All you need it the right type of high heel to go with.

Looking for the perfect wedding heel is not easy but one thing we must recommend is to always try your shoes on with your wedding gown before purchasing it. This will determine if the length of your gown is perfect and if you need to make any changes. By walking with your dress and your shoes will also determine and assure you the possibility of falling on your face. At this point you will know if you have chosen the right dress or the wrong shoe. The most important thing in planning your wedding is for you to be comfortable; this will lead to a smooth wedding with a happy bride!


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