~Heels vs. Flats on your Wedding Day~

~Heels vs. Flats on your Wedding Day~

So your not the heel type of gal but you want to look fabulous on your wedding day. Brides its okay to wear flats on your wedding day no one said there’s rule for it. However, if you must wear you adorable high heel shoes and you’re not that type of girl that can survive all day with them, there is always back up. Yes brides, its important to have back up shoes on your wedding day. No one wants to see a cranky bride because her feet hurt. Although, remember just because they are flats it doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. Have fun shopping for them, you will be surprised of how many cute and perfect flats there are that can be just as perfect as your high heal wedding shoes.

Saison Blanche has selected a few styles that would work for either heels or flats. As an example we have chosen a strappy high heel sandal and adorable flat. The straps of the heel on the ankle are perfect for support for the girl that doesn’t always wears high shoes and the flats have been beautifully decorated in a modern cut out pattern. Don’t be afraid to play with colors with shoes. It doesn’t always have to be matchy-matchy.

Style B3144 is great for any type of theme wedding. From a beach wedding to a classic hall wedding, this glamorous slim all over gown lined in soft silk charmeuse gown is perfect with a strappy shoe and an adorable flat. You can’t go wrong with this style.

As for style 4230 you can wear your heels first and have your flats for back up but who wants to do that when you can choose either or. Simply adorable and chic is 4230 with all over delicate lace featuring a bateau neckline and detachable bow. This dress is perfect for any selection of shoes.

For the elaborate bride 4173 is mesmerizing in fit and flare silhouette. Intricately embroidered and beaded this gown is the dress you are looking for. A simple strappy shoe to finish the look and if you need to you have your back ups.

Heels vs. Flats on your wedding day should not give you nightmares or scare you. Having an option should be less stressful and a relief. The fact of knowing you can change your shoes for more conferrable ones it’s a good thing. Although, style B3106 would look great with some chic flats, already this fit and flare gown has been encrusted with hand beading throughout the gown. Your shoes are just that extra compliment for your ideal wedding dress but how great would it look in some strappy heels.

At the end of the day think this, how comfortable are you with heels and the idea of wearing heels on your wedding day. If you know the answer you will know of what to do on choosing the right type of shoe or shoes for your wedding day.


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