~A Shoe Affair~

~A Shoe Affair~

Have you thought about it? You know about the shoe for your wedding day. Maybe you have the idea of the type of shoe you want to wear but making it impossible to find the dress to go with them. The problem is you just love them so much, and yes we understand the importance of shoes, especially when it has everything to do with your wedding. Lucky for you Saison Blanche Couture is here to help you. We have different of varieties of dresses for you. Just visit us at http://www.saisonblanche.com and browse. Did you find a dress yet and want to try it on; next step is to find an authorized store near you. You can find your store in the store locator page [http://www.saisonblanche.com/Store-Locator_ep_41-1.html].

Remember brides, looking online for your wedding dress is not such a good idea especially if you want your shoes match your dress. As a bride to be you need to try on the dress before you choose. We have images online for you to help you with the process. Once you have the idea of what you want the next step is visit the closest authorized store near you and try on the gown. I can guarantee you once you have that gown on with your shoes of course, you will know if that is the dress for you.

Your shoes are a reflection of you personality, which has everything to do with the theme of your wedding. Don’t be afraid of stepping outside of the box when it comes to your shoes. Yes, pain is beauty when it comes to your stilettos shoes but its okay to have back up as well and its okay to go with flats or smaller heal. The important thing as that you feel amazing on your wedding day.

Stay tuned for some suggestions of what shoes to wear with the different types of wedding gowns and brides don’t panic but enjoy the process.


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