~The Barely There Make-Up Look~

~The Barely There Make-Up Look~

So your going for the all-natural look but you worry your look is to plain and boring. No need to freak out because your choice is perfect! Just because it’s called the natural look doesn’t mean it’s a plain look. All you need to do is highlight your best features from your fabulous cheekbones to your beautiful eyes, just remember to make that mascara waterproof. We don’t want no ugly crying on your special day. Keep in mind your mascara can take your look natural look to the next level without over shadowing your natural look. Also, the right shade of lip-gloss can go a long way.

Now that you settled this concern, you still have second thoughts. However, there is no need to doubt your choice, all you need is the right amount of sparkle to make you shine. Style B3079 can help you accomplish your goal of glowing on wedding day. This stunning and feminine all over mermaid dress is what you have been looking for to complete your look. The sweetheart neckline bodice is beaded beautifully in Swarovski crystals and the delicate handkerchief tulle details are soft and simple just enough just like your make-up choice.

If you just don’t want beading for your wedding dress but need a dress that complements your look without making you look dull. Style 8020 is breathtaking and dreamy. The delicate gathers are accented in perfectly placed lace appliqués and the chapel skirt is dramatically ruffled with softly rough edges giving it that classical modern edge. The barely there make-up look choice you have chosen is ideal for this dress.

If you’re looking for that ball/princess gown, you might just be interested in 4196. This timeless modern gown of tulle and imported lace has been perfectly appliquéd with Silk organza flowers. The sheer lace straps and detachable Satin ribbon at natural waist help anchor the gown to perfection. Your natural look softens this dress and together will give you that princess natural gown with out making you look boring but instead making you look stunning.

Glamorous and breathtaking is style 4232. This sheer Bateau Neckline sheath gown has been beaded and embroidered to perfection with Swarovski Crystals and stones throughout the entire gown. Combining this gown with your barely there make-up look we can guarantee you and Old Hollywood glam experience.

If you feel we have not talked about a particular make-up look that you love and feel it will help you start finding your dream wedding dress, please let us know. Perhaps, we will pick your make-up look and help you find your perfect wedding dress.


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