How important can your Make-Up look be?

How important can your Make-Up look be?

Saison Blanche Couture would like to know, what is your ideal make up look for your wedding day?

If you are a bride that’s not sure on what wedding dress to wear, often we find once you know your make up look, you know or have the idea of what kind of wedding dress you are looking for. There’s no rule on how to wear you make-up on wedding day but choosing the right look can be helpful.

You have the options of the fresh and clean look up to the glam and heavier look. With social media at your hands all the images can be too much if you don’t have an idea. The best thing do is go with what you feel most comfortable and go with it. Of course, before choosing your make-up look for your wedding day is always best to do make-up trials with your make up artist. If you want to do your make up your self, make sure to practice to achieve the look you want.

Now that you have chosen your look, you are ready to go shopping for your dream-wedding gown!!! Stay tune for some suggestions from your favorite designer Saison Blanche Couture.


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