Gloriousness in the Making.. Catalog Time!

Being the designer for Saison Blanche, Life is not all pretty dresses and the rustling of taffeta ball skirts.  Once the samples are made, then they all need to be style numbered, fitted on out fit model, and finally photographed.  Let me just tell you, photographing a new collection is no easy undertaking.  Booking models, the photographer, hair and make up artists, and a studios is a lot of busy time on the telephone.  Thank goodness for unlimited anytime minutes.. Whew.

Once everything is booked, the ideas of style, accessories, back drop concepts and everything and all things glamorous comes into play.  Decisions are made as a team effort by the company as to what the “look” of Saison will be for the upcoming season.  As always, there a million ideas thrown around, and finally all is settled, agreed upon, and it’s off to the photo shoot.

The days start early, almost too early.  I normally breeze in, grande non-fat latte in hand.  You wouldn’t want to deal with me that early without my beloved over-priced coffee in hand.. Roughly 8 am for the models who then are sitting in hair and make up normally for 2 hours.  Whoever said beauty is effortless is lying to themselves.  Those girls are made up, done up, curled, teased, sprayed, all in the effort so the end product looks flawless and “easy”.  Ha.  Good luck.  Sometimes beauty takes work.  Don’t I know it.

With the studio packed full of racks of dresses, the shoot finally starts.. Couple days of Catalog shots, which is the normal front and back shot that you see on our website, and finally a day of Advertising shots.  All the advertising shots take more work to set up, light, accessorize, and finally capture on film.  The advertising shots are the big, glorious, oh-my-god-fierce pictures that you see as you are flipping through bridal magazines looking for inspiration and ideas for your big day.  We do this entire process twice a year, or once per season. Sometimes it’s so much stress that I’m sure I’ll have an ulcer by the time I turn 32.  

Despite being an intense, high stress level, exhausting 3 days.. It’s all worth it.  The finished product shows all you ladies the image of what Saison Blanche is all about.  Classic, Modern, Refined, Fabulous.  Ladies, all this work is for you!

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