Something Old to Something New..

Every designer looks for inspiration from gowns of the past.  I personally, am no different.  Historically speaking, gowns that float down the runway today are completely different from those  of yester-year.  Gowns of the past traditionally were very modest.  When I say modest I am referring to high necklines, long sleeves, and definitely nothing remotely risqué.  There was, however, a substantial amount of grace in dressing this way.  One of my fav’s was the wedding of Grace Kelly.  Although she was completely covered, she still looked timeless and beautiful.

Grace Kelly has been a wedding style icon ever since she made her infamous walk down the aisle looking like every princess bride should.  Dignified, quiet, glamorous, and obviously fabulous.  Wedding designers have been re-interpreting her gown for decades.  Taking the important features of what made the dress so amazing, taking it apart, and putting it back together.

Saison Blanche Couture, Style 4172

For instance here I kept the full skirt and beaded lace and updated it by lowering the waist and making the gown strapless.  Also the re-interpretation of the lace by doing a double-appliqué process really adds some flash and excitement.

From Saison Blanche Couture, Style 4157

For this gown I tried to really keep the integrity of the gown by keeping the natural waist and the ruching around the waist but then transforming the bodice into a something more modern for the girls of today.

Needless to say Grace Kelly will always be the quintessential “ideal” bride.  Her look was flawless.  However, fashion has changed greatly since her wedding in 1956.  But, as always, you can’t look toward the future without knowing where you have been.

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