Can you ever have too many sequins?

There are a few things in life that we truly can’t live without. Water, Air, Food, Cellular Phones, and Sequins.  You can never tire me of sequins. I love them. They come in all shapes, all sizes, all colors.. and they sparkle.  I love it when they sparkle.  Sequins sparkle in a way that you just can’t help but smile.  They brighten your day, add some glitz to any outfit, and but a little sunshine in your step.  Being a man, I’m slightly disappointed that i can’t wear sequins like all you ladies.. I mean I guess I could, but I am not a Solid Gold Dancer, and people would most likely stare at me funny.

Please contain your laughter.. Those dancers were amazing in their day.. They were what we all wanted to be.  With all the flash, the sequins, the silver and gold lame.. it was all just too fabulous for words.  Even today I can appreciate all things that are flashy and sequins related. You actually can tastefully incorporate sequins into your wedding. Although these days a gold sequined dress is most likely more LA swanky party then wedding.. But it’s sequins none the less.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate sequins into your wedding.. Between your dress… Your shoes.. your reception tablescapes.. And I am here to show you how its done. Let’s start with the dress..

From Saison Blanche Boutique, Style B3059

This gown, thought completely covered in sequins, is not as flashy as you would think.  The ivory matte sequins at an enormous amount of texture, and sophisticated shine to your gown.   I personally would pair it with a pair of matching Miu Miu sparkled pumps. Wow.. they are slightly too fabulous for words.

Seeing as though the dress is decidedly not flashy.. why not put some Wow in there with your shoes? You, the dress, your fabulous glittered shoes.. all while twirling around the dance floor of your Big Fat Glittered reception? My gosh that’s Fabulous.

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2 thoughts on “Can you ever have too many sequins?

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