Bold + Bright = Summertime Wedding

Summer weddings can be some of the most delightful experiences ever.  Delightful meaning the sun is out.. the weather is warm, all the flowers are in season.. I really feast for the eyes in color. Not to mention what goes perfectly with a summer evening wedding when the weather is warm?  Cranberry Mimosas. OOOOH.. That’s nice.

Planning a summer wedding can be a bit of a headache.  What if it rains?  What if it’s too hot?  The best decision to make is to find a venue that can accommodate either rain or shine.. and has an Air Conditioner that could, if need be, turn your grilled salmon into a Popsicle.  With the Venue sorted.. the date picked.. and the Bridesmaids all asked.. It’s time for Colors.  I say, for a summertime wedding, don’t be safe.  Be adventurous!  Throw around those bright colors.  It’s the summer time after all.. I know you all have bright graphic bathing suits and beach towels.. Why not translate that directly to a glamorous event?  Just because the color is bright, does not make your event any less formal.

I”m going to use my friend Briar as an Example.. She and her husband were married last summer in a customized Saison Blanche gown, made in Ivory Silk Razmir.  The fabric was ideal only because it’s lightweight, soft, yet still holds onto the structure that is needed for that “wow” factor.

Briar opted for Bright Red’s and Oranges for her wedding tones.. And ladies.. It looked amazing!  Getting married in the middle of Bryant Park also helped.  The Gorgeous greens of the great lawn and the trees.. That was a gorgeous affair.  She felt perfectly comfortable pulling the brightest colors she could find.  And she succeeded beautifully~  Even tying the colors into her cake.. The whole event was bright, summery, and magical.

Ladies.. Don’t be scared to embrace your Wild side and pick and bright flashy colors.. do what makes your heart happy, and if that means fuchsia Gerber Daisies.. I say rock it out!   After all.. You only get married once, and it should be a reflection of who you are.. not who you think you should be.

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