Old, New, More Exciting to Mix the Two..

In case all of you haven’t heard.. Vintage weddings are the new “it thing”.  Some say Vintage, Some say Retro.. I personally think that vintage has a much nicer ring to it. Vintage technically means: of or pertaining to representing the highest quality of past time.. meaning the best of the best of ages ago.  In fashion, we consider work of the old designers to be vintage.  Vintage clothing was made well, made with character, and most definitely had a “look” that was all its own.

Brides now are trying to grasp onto that vintage mentality by planning their weddings with a vintage feel.  This is achieved by using a vintage accessories, a vintage style gown.. and lots of old elements in their reception decorating.  I, as a designer, love the work of the older designers.  It was a different time, and designers then, as compared to now, were flashy in a more conservative way.  I find it fascinating.

Nothing says vintage like a soft and pretty lace gown.  Ruffles, Layers, tiers.. theses were all trends of weddings years ago, and all of which are making a comeback. Vintage gowns, however, are not so easy to come by.  You can easily achieve a vintage look by picking the right gown, the right accessories, and the right details.

Let’s start with a gown, Style 4169.  It’s soft.. It’s lace.. and it’s a narrow body hugging silhouette that totally has that vintage feel.

From Saison Blanche Couture, 4169

Now.. It’s all about the small details.  I’ve put together some ideas for Veils, shoes, Cakes, all the must have’s for a truly vintage vibe.

The most important part of a vintage wedding is to have fun with it.  Don’t take it too seriously.. But your own personal taste into the concept and really make it your own.

To view our entire collection, please visit us at www.saisonblanche.com

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