Hot and Humid with a Chance of Fainting..

It’s officially way to hot here in NYC.  For all those of you who live here, you are already aware.  It’s hot, its gross, and your Air conditioner is working overtime. You’ve already gone through your closet and put all of your lightest, shortest, most heat survival clothes into the immediate rotation.  We all know, there is nothing cute about showing for work and subsequently happy hour with sweat stains all over you.  Ugh.. We have all been there, and it’s mortifying.

So what does one wear when your big day nuptials are going to be outdoor in the blazing summertime heat?  There are plenty of dresses that are going to be too heavy, too hot, and nobody wants to sweat off that $250 make up job.  You want to remain, matte, flawless, not a hair out-of-place, regardless of whether or not the sun is blazing down and your wedding guests are dropping like flies and pounding down ice-cold drinks.  What  can you wear to help minimize the sweating, minimize the make up running, and keep yourself calm, cool, and enjoying the best day of your life?  Chiffon. Yards and yards of Silk Chiffon.  It’s light, airy, looks gorg blowing in the breeze as your photographer is snapping away, and is always appropriate for Sunshine.. Whether that sunshine is in the urban jungle, or on the beach.

These are some of my favorite gowns in Silk chiffon that would definitely keep you cool and fabulous for the entire day, no matter how high that temperature might climb.

From Saison Blanche Boutique, Style B3022
From Saison Blanche Couture, Style 4117
From Saison Blanche Boutique, Style B3082
From Saison Blanche Couture, Style 4134

Ladies, keep it cool, keep it flawless.. and obviously keep the drinks coming..

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