Wedding = Designer Shoes

I happen to love shoes.  The more girly, glitzy, and obviously higher the better.  Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Stuart Weitzman.. I love them all.  They all have been famous for doing red carpet shoes, everyday glam shoes, and even wedding shoes.  It is becoming even more a common occurrence, for brides to justify spending a larger price tag on designer bridal shoes that they think they will only wear once.  “It’s an excuse to buy them” is what they tell me.  I, obviously, am not going to argue with that.  For those brides not bold enough to wear a colored shoe on their big day.. There are options.  Justify that expensive strappy sandal.. You can totally wear it again.

It’s becoming more and more popular to buy a colored shoe for your wedding.  Matching to your flowers, your bridesmaids, or even a leopard print spike heel just because you love them.  I think it’s a step forward that is launching the traditionally slow-moving bridal fashion industry into something more modern and of the moment. Shoes are how women put their own spin on an everyday outfit.. Why not translate that directly to your wedding?  Be exciting, be showy, buy a designer shoe and wear it again!!!  Even if you buy a “bridal shoe” that is white or ivory.. All better shoe departments will gladly dye your shoe to a more wearable color after. I’m seeing.. Emerald green, Fuchsia, Black.. Even Violet if you’re brave. Wink wink.. Grab the credit card ladies and let’s start shopping.

I’ve decided to take some of my favorite gowns and match up with them the “ideal shoe” that I would want to see on my brides tootsies.   It just so happens that one of my Favorite Saison Brides, Fara Morgan, happened to do exactly what I’m talking about.. She wore SB style B3029, and paired it with a pair of Matching Blush Christian Louboutin gladiator heels.  Well done Fara.  Kiss Kiss to you.

One of my other fav dresses of the moment is SB4167.. Tulle, Taffeta, hand-made flowers.  Honestly?  What’s not to love.  I’ve decided that I would pair this with these gorgeous Christian Louboutin Black pointy toe spikes with elaborate bow detail.  There was something romantic about the bow, and black shoes with a wedding dress seems so spicy and exciting to me.

From Fall 2010 Saison Blanche Couture Collection, Style 4167

Last dress of the Day is SB4174.  Slim Silk Organza fit and flare.  Simple, Elegant, Just asking for a punch of Color.  I’ve paired this with a pair of Manolo Blahniks pumps in a royal blue color with brooch detail.  I can’t help but smile at the though of this.  Just for your FYI.. These shoes perfectly match our SB Bridesmaid color Royal blue.  Just wanted to throw it out there.. Just letting you know.

From Fall 2010 Saison Blanche Couture Collection, Style 4174

All in all, spending $300, $400, even $700 on a pair of Wedding shoes is not an atrocity.  Even more so if it’s a shoe that you can wear again.  I’m not justifying blowing your budget.. I’m flat-out telling you this is the perfect excuse to get yourself a coveted pair of must have designer heels that will be sure to make you smile for years to come.  Am I telling you that $700 is an outrageous price for shoes? Yes it is.  Am I telling you that it’s okay and slide that Credit Card over the counter?  Absolutely! 

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2 thoughts on “Wedding = Designer Shoes

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