Bring it with a Black Bouquet.

Black and White has turned into the biggest wedding theme of the year.  We are seeing it everywhere.  Dresses with Black accent colors, Black bridesmaids dresses, everything and anything.  I say, why not bring the black into your bouquet?   For all those girls who just aren’t brave enough to Rock a wedding dress with Black accessories, there is no reason why you can’t quietly jump on this trend.  A black and White floral Arrangement can be gorgeous.  Actually, beyond gorgeous.  Fabulous.  I turned to my fav floral master, Martha Stewart, asking about fabulous black and white floral bouquets, and the entire Martha Stewart team was behind me. They LOVE the idea.

Sometimes it’s easier to show rather than talk.  I can’t assume that all you ladies know what a black and white bouquet would look like.  For all I know, you could have a something in your head that looks more like a black jack table then a wedding theme.  No Good.  So, turning to the team at MS.. I asked for a few Black and White bouquets to match some of my favorite gowns.  I’m going to paint you a picture. Hope you’re sitting down.

From Saison Blanche Couture, Style 4175

From Saison Blanche Bridesmaids, Style SB2112

I loved this concept.. Full gown, Gorgeous flowers, simple and elegant bridesmaids.. Fit for any of you fashion mavens running around this country. Weather you are in NYC, hometown pride woohoo!, or Middle of no-where Kansas.. This theme would have all of your guests staring, open-mouthed, amazed at your fashion credibility.

From Saison Blanche Couture, Style 4145

From Saison Blanche Bridesmaids, Style SB2117

For those of you looking for something more quiet, more subdued, but still in the clouds with your fabulous wattage, I chose a more quiet gown that’s more along the lines of a quiet affair.  Quiet, however, does not need to me boring.  You and 50 of your nearest and dearest in an intimate evening ceremony will be the toast of the town with this.

All in all.. Black and white weddings are not as scary, and do NOT need to be as drastic as the way they play them off on TV or in all the bridal magazines.  There is something to be said for Style, but there is more to be said for Style spun your way.  That, my dears, is true fashion genius!

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