Should My Cake Match My Dress?

There are many varying degrees of Matching.. Especially when it comes down to planning a wedding.  Being a Bridal Designer.. I tend to embrace the idea of matching everything.  Colors, flowers, table linens, it’s almost a game to me.  But, I do draw the line when it comes to matching your cake to your dress.  There is a degree of tackiness when your cake too closely matches your dress, and your bridesmaids.. and the theme of your entire fabulous wedding….

I do, however, think it’s appropriate to subtlety match your cake to your dress. For Instance.. If you dress has a small colored trim, you can match the color into your cake.. or even some decorate fondant ribbons to match.  All of which are classy, and perfectly acceptable.  Re-creating the lace, and the flowers, and adding in the color of your bridesmaids can all be too much.  I say, pick one feature to add into your cake.  The lace of your dress.. the color of your Bridesmaids, or even the color of your dress.  Pick one feature and go with it.

To illustrate my thoughts.. it’s easier to show you all an example. See this cake below? 

And now, imagine these three beautiful dresses below. 

From Saison Blanche Couture, Style 4141

First up.. A lace dress.   

From Saison Blanche Boutique, Style B3049

Second up.. An embroidered dress.

From Saison Blanche Couture, Style 4174

Third.. A dress with a touch of bow accent – you can always add a brooch to your liking.

A second idea.. Is to pick up the color of your bridesmaids and incorporate that into your dress.  That can be either a tasteful colored ribbon made in glorious icing.. or even do the entire cake the color of your Girl’s Gowns.. It’s totally up to you.

From Saison Blanche Bridesmaids, Style SB2110

All in all.. Too matchy-matchy will drive you insane.  Just because you think in your head that it is possible match your cake to everything that you have going on with your wedding.. I can guarantee your cake designer will have a completely different vision.  I say, Listen to the Baker.. They’ve done more weddings than you have.  Tell them your thoughts.. and let them be creative.  Coming from a design standpoint.. Your vendors always do better work when left with a bit of freedom and interpretation.  Let their creativity flow~

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